Tuesday, November 28, 2006


People have been asking who listens to VibeFM. The following is a list of countries in which we have listeners who have listened to VibeFM ove the last 30 days! They are listed in the oder of most listening hours to least.

United States
United Kingdom
Costa Rica
Saint Lucia
Netherlands Antilles
Dominican Republic
South Africa
United Arab Emirates
Antigua and Barbuda

Jah Melody Info

Jah Melody is definitely the "King Man" of Jah's melodies. His voice is full of precision and power as he sings heart strong messages through his music with his amazing melodic sound and golden voice. After recording many songs, co-producing music and touring to many countries, Jah Melody is ready to take on the world with his new record label and camp ~ King Man Music Camp.

Jah Melody, given the birth name of Michael David Williams, began singing at the young age of seven yet became more serious about pursuing his career in music at the age of seventeen. He was born on the 19th day of December in 1980 in the beautiful Island of Trinidad and of Grenadian Heritage. Jah the Creator has led him to conscious reggae music with a hint of R & B. Every song is filled with powerful messages and incredible melodies that generate an immense vibe.

After preparing enough songs to create three full albums and forming his new record label with a powerful Executive Team, Jah Melody is now touring and spreading his positive words and phenomenal sound as he prepares for the launch of his new cd in 2007 which is directed toward the entire international reggae and mainstream markets.

For Bookings or Business Inquiries, contact our US offices at 561-248-8800.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dj Blackfoot

Dj Blackfoot the artist from Holland

Yo vibefm massive!! how things arunn deh?ha ha ha,hoop cool and spliff full seen!!

Universal Vibes show

A new Universal Vibes Show was aired live on Monday the 20th @ 8pm. You can catch it again on Moday @ 8pm coming if u missed it!

Agent Dre

Sizzla(Now on Damon Dash's label) Tours The US

(November 7, 2006) – New Yorm, NY – On the eve of his new release, dancehall legend Sizzla, announces national tour dates. His new album, The Overstanding, is scheduled to be released on
November 21st, 2006. The Overstanding will be marketed and distributed by DDMG/Kalonji Records.

Sizzla emerged during the latter half of the ‘90’s, and quickly became one of the leaders of the modern dancehall movement. Along with Buju Banton and Capelton, he helped lead dancehall back to the musical and spiritual influences of roots reggae, favoring organic productions and heavily Rastafarian subject matter.

Sizzla’s first success came with the release of Praise Ye Jah in 1997. Widely considered one of the top modern dancehall albums of its time, Praise Ye Jah was quickly trumped by the release of Black Woman & Child that same year. The title track was a smash hit and became something of a cultural reggae anthem. Sizzla continued to release a string of successful albums including Be I Strong in 1999, the spiritually driven, hip-hop influenced Bobo Ashanti in 2001, and Da Real Thing in 2002, where he concentrated on a softer, mellower, more romantic material. With a catalogue of over 40 albums to his credit, Sizzla remains one of the most if not the most widely respected figures in all of Dancehall reggae. The Overstanding hits stores on November 21st, 2006.


11/24 Newark, NJ Terrace Ballroom 12/7 Raleigh, NC Lincoln Theater

11/25 Bladensburg, MD Crossroads 12/8 Norfolk, VA The Norva

11/28 Ann Arbor, MI Blind Pig 12/9 Philadelphia, POA Trocader

12/2 Columbus, OH Airosa Villa 12/12 Providence, RI Lupo’s At the Strand

12/5 Wilmington, NC The Rox 12/14 Stowe, VT Rusty Nail

12/6 Winston-Salem, NC Ziggy’s 12/15 Revere, MA Club Lido

Archived Show Downloads

Dj Agent Dre-Universal Vibes Show-July 4 2006 - Part 1- Vibefm.net (MP3 format)

Dj Agent Dre-Universal Vibes Show-July 4 2006 - Part 2 - Vibefm.net (MP3 format)

Friday, November 10, 2006

Testing 1.. 3.....Are we on the air?

Didn't know what image to post so i put up the VibeFM.net main page image to test out the blog...well' it's the dj Agent Dre here. This Blog was created by vibefm.net which is the online radio station for torontodancehall.com
The purpose is to enable the vibefm.net djs to interact with the vibefm.net listeners, get music requests, get feedback, connect with new and established artists and spread the music you want to hear as far as we can!! So please post replies and beinteractive. Other vibefm.net djs will be posting as well.

If you want to be a VibeFM.net dj give Agent Dre a hollor at vibefmradio@hotmail.com
(we are currently looking for 2 international reggae djs - must be serious, have time for 1 show a month, extremely web savy to digitally record, upload-dl transfer audio files on the www etc. )

until next time

Agent Dre