Sunday, September 30, 2007

Trinidad-Angry Movado fans demand $$ after no-show

Phoolo Danny-Maharaj South Bureau

Tuesday, September 25th 2007

Hundreds of patrons erupted in anger and demanded a
refund on Sunday night, after Jamaican-born artiste
David "Movado" Brooks failed to appear for a much
advertised show at Sting nightclub in Gulf City, La

When they turned up for the show, patrons, who paid
between $150 and $200 for tickets, were greeted with a
sign at the door saying that Jamaican artiste "Movado
did not make his flight".

The sign also stated that the promoter's track record
shows that he always delivered, so the show must go
on. The names of several local artistes were listed to
perform and all ticket holders who entered the hall
were to receive a $30 refund. Another sign said,
"There will be no refund at ticket outlets."

The rush for refunds then turned chaotic, with
shouting, pushing and cursing, until police officers
attempted to keep the peace.

Patrons claimed that they could not get their refund
and were in fighting mood. Dozens of patrons returned
to the site yesterday to get their refund, and claimed
that there was no show at all because of the
"bacchanal". They believed that the promoter knew that
the artiste was not coming to the show, but they
continued to promote the show and sold tickets up to

Contacted yesterday, show promoter Glenroy Watson
said: "I stood up to talk to people and explain to
them that the artiste did not turn up. I did not run.
I put up a sign telling people I will refund money if
they did not want to hear the locals, but if they went
inside the entertainment centre, they would still get
a refund of $30, but some of them would have none of

"People started making threats and they wanted to kill
me. Security broke down and things went wild and

He said when patrons started to hustle him for money
back, he told them to return yesterday (Monday) at
noon for their money. Watson said he was told that
Movado's passport was lost in Canada and therefore he
could not travel.

He said: "I already paid him some money and he
promised to return it for a no-show, but so far I have
not received the money. The show cost me US$17,000 to
organise." When this happens, Watson said "promoters
have to stand their losses. We are not insured for

Contacted on the matter, Sting's manager, Sean
Leonard, said he could not do anything about the show.

"It was a private function. The place was just rented
to the promoter. We do not rent this place out unless
we see contracts with artistes and the promoter had
his contract, Leonard said.

"Watson did everything right, but just the main
artiste did not show. The promoter loses big in such a
situation, because they still have to pay for all the
other arrangements for the show. I was there and I
cannot blame the promoter really. He has even promised
to refund patrons."

-with reporting

by Trevor Watson "Bringing the world to Toronto"