Friday, November 16, 2007


Two reggae acts, currently on top of their game, have
come together to create magic on screen. Queen Ifrica,
affectionately called the "fyah muma", riding high on
a number of hit songs which include "Below the Waist"
and "Daddy Don't Touch Me There", and Steele the ever
energetic and charismatic artist with hits such as
"Slave Driver" and "Confession", have put their heart
and soul into bringing to life their current duet "New
World (remix)". The different passions that this song
brings out are displayed on screen and there is no
mystery as to why this music video is already creating
quite a buzz. Shot mostly at the fishing village in
Portmore Jamaica, where it seemed as though the entire
community came out to support these artists, it was a
day that was filled with genuine togetherness from
all. Steele and Queen Ifrica could be seen reasoning
with the many men, women and children that had
gathered for the shoot, and the love could be felt.
The song "New World (remix)" is currently receiving
steady rotation on radio and this video will most
definitely help to build its momentum.

Steele also took the time to shoot a second video. The
song is called "Goose and Ganda", which is another cut
from his cd "The Love of Jah". Once again the message
comes across perfectly. With a story line and actors
that will have you laughing aloud, this video tells
the tale of many relationships today. Just always
remember "What's good for the Goose is good for the

Both videos were coordinated and shot by Wayne
Benjamin of Fabrikated ProjeX. MOBS Production, the
indie label representing Steele, is relentless in
their effort to bring the artist to the forefront, and
already it is paying dividend for him. Steele remains
humble and continues to thank the fans, and all forms
of media representatives that take the time to support
his work.

To view both videos please visit Steele's myspace page
at or check your local networks. "Bringing the world to Toronto"